The 40" Loader Buddy is being made and will be available in a couple of weeks. It comes grapple ready with the Q/A thumb as an option. Initial pricing is $850 for the bucket and $500 for the thumb.

The 2 new grapples (horizontal and mini) are available. The Horizontal grapple is available in Tach-n-Go mount, Skid Steer and John Deere mount as well.

I am still working on a third function kit. Most components are ready. Going dedicated valve is the best value in the long run.

With the advent of the Kubota Q/A for the BX many of our attachments can be had for that system. Forks, blank plate, horizontal grapple and the Mini grapple*(minor mod to Q/A) Best to call for details.


Please call Jery with any questions

8AM-6PM CST 715-952-8537

Or Email after hours at:


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